EBU Season 2 Webinar 5

ANSYS Maxwell - New Framework for the Maxwell Control Program | Tips & Tricks Webinar

March 28, 2019

10:00AM - 11:00AM (EDT)

Customer Only Webinar, Login Required



ANSYS Customer Excellence Support Team

The “control program” functionality in Maxwell is a little-used and under-rated feature. A new framework is presented which will increase the accessibility of this feature to users. Advantages are:

  1. Programming is done in Python rather than C
  2. Any python modules can be incorporated (e.g. numpy, scipy, …)
  3. No compiled code needs to be sent to customers
  4. A library of standard functions is provided
  5. Easy to develop/debug with freeware development tools

The presentation will give an overview of the available functionality, will discuss applications of potential value to customers, and will discuss how to build and deploy apps.

Presenter Bio

Leon VossLeon Voss

Leon Voss is a Lead Technical Support Engineer located in Hanover, Germany

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