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Accelerating Innovation in Medical Devices Through Simulation

Computational modeling and simulations (CM&S) are recognized by both industry and regulatory agencies as an alternative to physical testing, but they have historically been used in silos with minimal collaboration between various design disciplines and engineering departments. To address the needs of today’s product development teams, Ansys has developed a multi-domain system simulation and digital prototyping platform that enables multi-specialty teams with diverse engineering backgrounds to work in unison to achieve a deep understanding of integrated product behavior.

As an example of a typical medical device development, we will show a systems simulation solution for a wearable drug delivery device that illustrates the complexities of developing these multi-disciplinary systems. The model includes evaluation of various physical components, control algorithms, display interfaces and power electronics. In addition to the presentation, a demo will show how various components can be combined to model the drug delivery subsystem using a hardware-in-the-loop approach. We will also discuss Ansys solutions that help you meet regulatory requirements.

Who should attend?

  • All medical device companies and their engineering managers
  • Research engineers/Scientists
  • Product designers
  • Product managers



Author: ANSYS, Inc. Type: Webinar Date:
Product Category: Fluids


Multibody Dynamics for Gear Noise and Vibration

The Drivetrain Toolkit in Ansys Motion is a pre- and post-processing tool for quick and detailed modeling of geartrains including bearings and housings. A templated workflow facilitates gear geometry generation and meshing stiffness evaluation based on macro- and micro-geometry gear inputs. A multifidelity approach for modeling shafts ranging from simple beam design to solid flexible shafts is included in the toolkit. Dynamic transmission error, bearing forces and gear contacting forces can be extracted in the time domain during post-processing. Built-in numeric data operations like FFT, STFT, signal filtering and order cut can be used to extract the results in the frequency domain in Ansys Motion post. Ansys VRX Sound Analysis and Specification can also be used for advanced post-processing needs.


Gear noise and vibration study at early stages of design helps reduce costs in expensive prototype manufacturing and physical testing.

Who should attend?

  • Gear design engineers
  • Gear engineering analysts
  • Gear NVH testing engineers
  • Product development personnel from automotive and electric machine developers

Author: ANSYS, Inc. Type: Webinar Date:
Product Name: ANSYS Motion
Product Category: Structures


Ansys 2020 R2: Forte Update

Learn how Ansys Forte can now quickly and accurately simulate positive-displacement compressors. Automated meshing with dynamic mesh refinement completely removes user-meshing requirements and reduces hands-on time. It has been shown that Forte can generate a solution for these applications 3-5X faster than established methods. Validation cases are presented, along with other new features and usability enhancements including:

  • Screw compressor validation
  • Refrigerant database with real gas properties
  • Improved gap handling

Author: ANSYS, Inc. Type: Webinar Date:
Product Name: ANSYS Forte
Product Category: Fluids


Ansys 2020 R2: System Coupling Overview

Attend this webinar to learn how Ansys System Coupling manages the exchange of data and coordinates independent solver executions to perform multiphysics simulations. Accurately capture the complex interactions between physical models, typically simulated in separate solvers, that are critical in understanding the whole problem.

Author: ANSYS, Inc. Type: Webinar Date:
Product Category: Multiphysics, Platform



Ansys SPEOS 2020R1では新機能SPEOS LensSystemが実装されました。自動運転のエッジケースやモバイルカメラのシミュレーションにおける光学システムの影響を高精度に可視化し、さらに高速な計算を行います。また、Zemax Optic studioのBlack Boxデータを用いた解析も可能です。


  • 高精度なInput条件
  • 天候条件の再現
  • 非可視光のシミュレーション
  • Zemax他レンズデータの取り込み
  • パラメータスタディ
  • MultiPhysicsシミュレーション




  • ADAS/AD向けのカメラ開発サプライヤご担当様、および自動車OEM/Tear1の車載検証担当者様
  • 生産ライン/画像検査装置カメラご担当様
  • 建機/農機向けのカメラ開発/車載検証ご担当様
  • 防衛向けカメラ開発ご担当者様

Author: ANSYS, Inc. Type: Webinar Date:
Product Name: ANSYS SPEOS
Product Category: Optical


Watertight Meshing for Oil and Gas

Preparing a high-quality computational fluid dynamics (CFD) mesh can be a challenging and very time-consuming task. Ansys Fluent’s watertight geometry meshing workflow greatly reduces hands-on meshing time and enhances efficiency. Supporting both seasoned and novice users, this cutting-edge tool delivers a single-window, task-based workflow and Mosaic-enabled meshing technology.

In this webinar, a live demonstration will showcase the simplicity of the watertight geometry meshing workflow.

  • Understand how Fluent’s task-based, watertight meshing workflow guides you through the meshing process by presenting best practices in an organized interface.
  • Learn a step-by-step process for easily generating a high-quality CFD mesh for a complex geometry such as a blowout preventer (BOP) using simple, intuitive inputs.
  • Discover how to take advantage of the full single-window workflow, from geometry import to meshing to solving and post-processing.

Author: ANSYS, Inc. Type: Webinar Date:
Product Name: ANSYS CFD
Product Category: Fluids


All You Need to Know About Hardware for Simulation

Engineering simulation needs all the computer power it can get and more. FEA and CFD users have complex problems with millions of elements, and generative design — built on simulation — will run simulations many times for each of the thousand solutions it generates. Most engineers are still trying to do all this on ageing workstations.

What should you look for in a new workstation? We examine processors, CPUs and GPUs, memory and the latest storage technology. But will even the fastest workstation be enough?

Many users find high-performance computing (HPC) to be the next logical step after exhausting the capabilities of workstations. HPC provides surprisingly quick solutions, allowing users to do more simulation iterations as well as more complex simulations. This report discusses introductory level HPCs and what you can expect. We also researched getting HPC as a service, which allows users to draw from an almost limitless amount of computer power that is not only affordable by consultants and small firms, but is also as easy to access as signing up for an account.

In this report, we examine the options available for engineering hardware for simulation:

  • The state of the art in engineering workstations.
  • When do you need to jump to HPC?
  • How much faster is HPC over workstations?
  • What to look for in HPC hardware.
  • Affordability of HPC.
  • Is it better to rent HPC when you need it?

Author: ANSYS, Inc. Type: White Paper Date:
Product Name: ANSYS HPC, ANSYS CFX, ANSYS Fluent, ANSYS Mechanical, ANSYS Cloud
Product Category: Cloud and IT Solutions, Electronics, Fluids, High Performance Computing, Multiphysics, Platform, Structures
Industry: High Tech


Electronics Packages

Electronics software offers three core packages: Ansys Electronics Enterprise, Ansys Electronics Pro 2D and Ansys Electronics Premium.

Author: ANSYS, Inc. Type: Brochure Date:
Product Name: ANSYS HFSS, ANSYS Electronics Desktop, ANSYS Electronics HPC
Product Category: Electronics



Gas Turbine Simulation Overview

Designing gas turbines to meet stringent performance and regulatory safety standards remains a challenging process. Committed to driving the success of the gas turbine community, Ansys delivers an end-to-end simulation solution that provides a streamlined workflow, enabling customers to design and optimize the next generation of gas turbines. This webinar spotlights Ansys' investments in core technologies that will help you create innovative gas turbines that are safer and more reliable than ever.

  • Learn how to harness simulation to create unique gas turbine designs.
  • Discover how simulation helps you streamline your gas turbine design process, cut costs, speed time to market and reduce overdesign.
  • Understand how simulation helps balance optimization parameters in the early stages of development.
  • Explore how you can leverage simulations to tune the overall performance of gas turbine models.

Author: ANSYS, Inc. Type: Webinar Date:
Product Name: ANSYS CFX, ANSYS Fluent, ANSYS LS-DYNA, ANSYS Mechanical
Product Category: Fluids, Materials, Multiphysics, Platform, Structures, Systems
Industry: Aerospace and Defense
Sub Industry: Aircraft, Defense


Run Your Ansys® Fluent® Simulations at Top Speed

The Ansys Fluent solver can be so computationally demanding that complex simulations can take hours to complete. Ansys and Intel worked together to build a new smoother and optimize it for Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors to help reduce those long simulation times.

This whitepaper reviews the results of performance testing conducted with Ansys Fluent 2020 R1 when making use of the Intel MKL sparse LDU smoother, and it explains how the improved performance results were accomplished. The testing showed that the new smoother and Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (Intel AVX2) enabled code path combined to produce a performance boost of 12 to 19%.

Author: Intel Type: White Paper Date:
Product Name: ANSYS HPC, ANSYS Fluent
Product Category: Fluids, High Performance Computing
Industry: High Tech

1 - 10 Of 3661 Results
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