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Design and Validation of Augmented Reality Systems with Ansys Optical tools

Augmented Reality (AR) is increasingly popular due to its ability to enhance user experiences and revolutionize the way different industries are operating, including manufacturing, healthcare, retail, education, and entertainment, among other sectors. 

In this webinar, we demonstrate our AR simulation capabilities, significantly benefiting customers looking to design or validate AR technology.

Our AR system design capability allows users to visually overlay digital information, such as images and text, onto the real-world environment. However, designing, optimizing, and validating a complete AR system can be challenging due to the need for co-design and co-simulation of complex photonic and optical components of different sizes, with different physics involved, and full-system performance verification. Our best-in-class optical tools, including Zemax, Speos, and Lumerical, can work together for interoperability workflows, such as AR systems requiring precise subwavelength photonic components, characterization of optical components, and analysis of human vision. 

What Attendees Will Learn

During this webinar, we will highlight the new updates in the current AR system simulation workflow with Ansys solutions including:

  • Optimization using monochromatic source, human vision result with optimized system

  • Human vision results with RGB source and stray light analysis of the overall system with the environment  


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