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Vehicle Interior Design Software Solutions

Engineering the passenger experience of the future


Simulating the Ideal Vehicle Interior Experience

As vehicles become more connected and autonomous, the occupant experience inside the vehicle becomes an ever more critical competitive battleground. From comfort to noise to the human machine interface, simulation plays a crucial role in engineering the safe and interactive passenger experience of the future.

  • Climate Control & HVAC
    Climate Control & HVAC
  • Cabin Acoustics
    Cabin Acoustics
  • Crash and Safety
    Crash and Safety
  • Ergonomics/HMI/HUD
Vehicle Interior Experience

Simulating a Preferred Environment

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Vint SIM Environment

Climate Control & HVAC

Simulation enables the optimization of passenger comfort metrics while minimizing system pressure drop and power usage and ensuring defogging and de-icing systems operate as intended.

Crash and Safety

Ansys industry-standard crash and impact simulation capabilities minimize expensive physical testing through accurate prediction of damage, effects on passengers and airbag deployment verification to meet and exceed crash standards ratings.

Cabin Acoustics

Accurate aeroacoustics and multiphysics Deterministic Aero Vibro Acoustics (DAVA) simulations enable the prediction of perceived sound, power levels from interior and exterior sources and the development of noise mitigation strategies.

Ergonomics, HMI and HUD

Combining optical simulation with driving simulation data enables physics-based, accurate replication of the driving experience, joined with rapid automatic generation of safety-certified embedded software.

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