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DatapointLabs Technical Center for Materials provides expert material testing, material parameter conversion and model validation services for CAE and FEA, allowing companies to populate their databases with high-quality, application-ready data for design and new product development.

Customers in more than 1200 companies from 37 countries worldwide recognize US-headquartered DatapointLabs as their materials science partner across a range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, appliance, biomedical, consumer products, electronics, and material supplier verticals.
DatapointLabs tests more than 1700 materials annually, including plastics, metals, rubber, composites, foams, ceramics, and more, in an ISO 17025 production environment. The company is a pioneer in using the latest technologies in quantitative material testing. It is known as a center of excellence for characterizing physical properties of materials in the solid and melt states, including mechanical, rheological, thermal, pvT, viscoelastic, impact, fatigue, and creep; it is the first commercial laboratory to offer very high speed tensile testing services at strain rates up to 1000 /sec.

The company delivers research-quality material data inputs for CAE in as fast as five business days for standard tests. Its TestPaks® for CAE allow users to order all the material testing needed for a specific application in one step, and to receive complete material models in digital format, ready for import into their CAE software. Raw data, material input files, test reports, and any validation results are deposited directly to each customer's secure, Matereality database.

Matereality® Software for Materials gives companies the means to build databases to store properties, CAE material files, and material information on any material. The built-in suite of web-based software helps engineers visualize and understand material data, create CAE models and manage materials information. We help companies build enduring data collections that accurately represent the materials used in their products.

Together, the affiliated brands of DatapointLabs Technical Center for Materials strengthen the materials core of manufacturing enterprises with services and software to help companies build enduring data collections that accurately represent the materials used in their products.

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