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Lightweighting Webinar Series

Lightweighting Webinar Series

.A&D companies are challenged by rising operating costs and more stringent environmental commitments. Employing engineering simulation is the only way to effectively address these issues and accelerate critical digital transformation efforts.

Ansys offers the broadest set of engineering simulation capabilities, which can be deployed pervasively from ideation through manufacturing and operation. No matter your need — engine design, thermal and fatigue analysis or additive manufacturing — we have the solution. Our simulations empower you to create more fuel-efficient products that comply with environmental standards, utilize innovative propulsion systems and achieve reductions in weight and drag.

This webinar series focuses on our lightweighting capabilities, which will help solve your toughest A&D engineering problems.

On Demand Webinars

Webinar on demand
Lightweighting Webinar Series
Topology Optimization

In this webinar, we will demonstrate the workflows — from geometry through validation — for all the available TO methods for lightweighting structures.

Presenter: Sebastian Stahn, Senior Application Engineer, Ansys

Webinar on demand
Airplane Flying
Multiphysics Simulation For The Aerospace Industry

This on-demand webinar presents the Ansys multiphysics solution specifically for the A&D engineer. We will highlight how the Ansys solution works and showcase fluid-structure interaction (FSI) case studies and examples from the A&D industry.

Webinar on demand
Rocket Ready for Takeoff
Developing Super Light Materials for Spacecraft

MT Aerospace specializes in this engineering challenge, delivering lightweight constructions found on the ARIANE launch system, spacecraft, satellites, and Airbus and Boeing fleets.

Presenter: Matt Jevons, Charlie Bream

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