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Developing Super Light Materials for Spacecraft 

How do you develop super lightweight composites designed to hold liquids at near absolute zero but rugged enough for the rigors of space travel?

We speak with the head of composites, Matt Jevons, at MT Aerospace – pioneers of lightweight constructions found on the ARIANE launch system, spacecraft, satellites, and Airbus and Boeing fleets.

We’ll ask about their Ansys Granta MI journey, including the material information management system, supporting their challenge to find the proper process, type of composite, correct manufacturing method, and system design to develop their current future launch systems.

What you will learn 

  • Get an overview and introduction of Ansys Granta MI for aerospace with insight into data, analytics tools, and how it integrates with other engineering tools
  • Learn who MT Aerospace is and why materials are so critical to their success
  • See how Matt and his team use Granta MI for test data management, pre-screening materials, analyzing material data across departments, and better integrating with their supply chain
  • How to use Granta MI to capture insights and share knowledge when working with new materials – re-use and capitalize on what went well and learn from and don’t repeat what didn’t.


  • Matt Jevons
  • Charlie Bream


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