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Simon Pereira


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Simon Pereira 

Lead Project Manager, Scala Computing

Simon is an engineering product manager who works with products stakeholders to create industry-leading products. He spent 18 years at Ansys, first as an Application Engineer and then Lead Product Manager. During his tenure at Ansys, he worked with sales and application engineers to guide the product development process and be the voice of the customer. He was responsible for most of Ansys' platform products like Ansys 3D ROM, Ansys Distributed Compute Services (DCS), and Ansys optiSLang. Currently, Simon is the Lead Product Manager for Scala Computing where he oversees the development of a new CAE/EDA Platform.


  • Bachelor of Engineering degree in Aerospace Engineering from Ryerson University
  • Master of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rackham Graduate School at the University of Michigan
  • Master of Business Administration degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Time at Ansys: May 2001 - April 2019

Articles by This Author

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