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Ahmad Haidari


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Ahmad Haidari 

Senior Director Strategy and Business Development, Rocky DEM Particle Simulator, ESSS

Ahmed has helped many companies achieve thier objectives with his focus on engineering simulation, modeling and analysis software. While Global Industry Director for the Energy, Process and Power Industries at Ansys, he developed and implmented marketing activities that drove growth in those industry segments. Ahmad is currently Senior Director of Strategy and Business Development at ESSS, focusing on the Rocky DEM Particle Simulator.


  • Master of Sciecne degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh Unviersity
  • Doctorate of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University

Time at Ansys: 2006 - 2020


Articles by This Author

Car with arrows poibting to the parts

What Is Transportation Electrification and Why Is It Important?

Learn what the electrification of transportation is and how simulation enables engineers to design electric cars, more electric aircraft, and more.

A pipeline with a drone flying over top of it

Oil & Gas Digital Twins for Prognostics & Health Management

See how physics-based oil and gas digital twins made with Ansys tools provide real-time asset prognostics and health management for predictive maintenance.

Wind turbine

Pervasive Simulation Can Help Design Wind Turbines and Other Renewable Energy Technologies

WEG uses pervasive simulation to assess the structure, electromagnetic, computational fluid dynamics and thermal performance of wind turbines and other renewable energy technologies.

A tungsten (W) experimental superconducting tokamak (WEST) hot fusion reactor

Engineers Are Designing a Hot Fusion Nuclear Reactor That Can Reach 150 Million Degrees Celsius

Multiphysics simulations are the key to making hot fusion reactors a reliable and safe energy source.

Nuclear fusion reactors

Designing Nuclear Fusion Reactors with Simulation

Engineers around the world are using simulation to optimize nuclear fusion reactors with the aim to produce reliable, low-carbon energy.

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