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March 19, 2019

What Is Transportation Electrification and Why Is It Important?

Companies are turning to electrification to power transportation and industrial processes in an effort to reduce emissions, embrace alternative energy and increase efficiency.

As an added bonus, electrified systems are often lighter and easier to control than fluidic and mechanical systems.

The new electrification revolution sees engineers developing ways to generate work, heat and power using electricity in place of combustion.

Perhaps the first examples you will think of are electric and hybrid cars. However, the electro-mobility (e-mobility) trend to develop electric vehicles is touching more than just the automotive industry.

E-mobility is extending into aerospace, agriculture, heavy duty, off road, shipping and many other industries. In fact, the more electric aircraft (MEA) initiatives are even looking into developing electric propulsion systems.

However, engineers can’t just connect every product to a battery — or other electricity source — and hope for the best. Often, implementing electrification initiatives calls for a complete redesign of a product’s power systems. So, how can engineers rethink legacy power systems to work on electricity? The answer is Ansys simulation software.

The automotive sector is leading the charge to electrification. But they are not the only ones making the shift.

How to Implement Electrification Initiatives with Simulation

Engineers who implement electrification initiatives will typically face design hurdles in five electrical systems areas. These areas are:

  • Power electronics.
  • Electric machines.
  • Energy sources/management (batteries, fuel cells, etc.).
  • Electromechanical systems integration.
  • Control software.

Initiatives to develop more electric aircraft will include the redesign of many systems.

Engineers working to redesign systems into electrical systems will experience unique challenges. To overcome these challenges safely, quickly and on-budget, engineers can turn to Ansys simulation software. In the latest issue of Ansys Advantage, engineers reveal how simulation benefits electrification in many industries and applications.

Simulation software can help engineers ensure that all their electrical, mechanical and software control systems interact safely and optimally early in product development cycles without building a physical prototype. These simulations can tackle multiphysics and multifunctional performance issues quickly so that the product meets aggressive development cycles.

To learn how electrification affects the automotive, aerospace, communication and power generation industries, read Powering a Revolution and other simulation success stories on these industries in this issue of Advantage Magazine.

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