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3D CAD Modeling Software
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Ansys SpaceClaim provides multipurpose 3D modeling for faster engineering results. Create new concepts, edit existing models, and get quick answers to engineering questions.    

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Solve Geometry Challenges Faster

Ansys SpaceClaim modeling software allows you to quickly create, modify and repair geometry for rapid editing of designs. Additionally, you can optimize designs for simulation or any manufacturing method —including 3D printing and reverse engineering.

Create everything from rough concepts to detailed designs, along with fixtures and tooling, plus cleanup 3D CAD scan data.



Accelerate your Geometry Modeling with Ansys SpaceClaim

ANSYS SpaceClaim is a multipurpose 3D modeling tool that delivers faster engineering results. This video will illustrate the many benefits of using it as a geometry modeling tool. As a result, engineers everywhere are boosting productivity because of SpaceClaim's direct modeling technology, ease of use, and unprecedented versatility. 


Real-Time Simulation for Designers

Leveraging the SpaceClaim architecture, answer critical design questions earlier in your product development process without waiting for simulation results in the all-new Ansys Discovery product.


Level Up your CAD for Manufacturing

See what Ansys SpaceClaim has to offer for manufacturing: speed, simplicity, and flexibility, plus the capability for clear communication of design ideas. As a result, Manufacturing Engineers everywhere are boosting productivity because of SpaceClaim's direct modeling technology, ease of use, and unprecedented versatility.


Internal Flow in Ansys Discovery

Explore fluid flow simulations in Ansys Discovery, including topical areas such as real-time flow distribution, early stage pressure drop performance and incorporating simulation into your design workflows.


What is Reverse Engineering?

See how scan-to-CAD technology from Ansys helps the reverse engineering process, allowing engineers to recreate discontinued or hard to obtain parts.

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