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Forced Convection in External Flows using Ansys Fluent

The teaching package explains the concepts of free and forced convection with examples. It illustrates important dimensionless numbers like Reynolds number, Prandtl Number and Brinkman numbers and its correlations and physical interpretations. The package also describes boundary layer concepts and the equations describing them. Additionally, the package includes forced convection over a plate which has been employed to understand different type of flows and how they affects the convection. Furthermore the course describes the cross flow equations which can be used to understand concepts like the flow over a cylinder, tubes and jet impingement.


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand forced convection and its types.
  • Derive dimensionless numbers and correlations.
  • Understand velocity and thermal boundary layers.
  • Solve simple heat transfer problems in fluids using Ansys Fluent


Applicable Courses for Use

  • Introduction to Heat Transfer
  • Heat Transfer in Fluids


Downloadable Content

  • Instructor Manual
  • PowerPoint Presentations (slides with notes)
  • Quiz
  • Simulation Exercises and Homework
Forced Convection in External Flows using Ansys Fluent

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