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Airbus Webinar: Optical Simulation in Aerospace from Nanoscale to the Mission Modeling

Modeling the behavior of light at multi-scale enables aerospace optics designers to gain a deeper understanding of how their designs work and can be improved. In this webinar, we willshow how Airbus optical engineers can simulate light from nanoscale to the mission modeling with:

  • Ansys Lumerical for photonic simulation of sensors, waveguides, microlenses, and other components at chip-level, where full electromagnetic wave optics is required
  • Zemax models macroscopic optical components with lens stack optimization and tolerancing
  • Speos handles system-level modeling in full 3D environments, including human or machine perception
  • STK for digital mission engineering and systems analysis

June 4, 2024
10:00 to 11:00 AM CET


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What you will learn

  • Photonic integrated circuit for free space optics
  •  Fiber optic sensors for structural monitoring and navigation
  •  Lens stack optimization
  •  Stray light analysis
  •  Structural thermal optical performances analysis
  •  Target sensing and tracking in operational environmen


  • Olivier Gass, Product Sales Manager, Ansys
Optical simulation