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Ansys Simplorer 기본교육


Simplorer는 복잡한 전력 전자 및 드라이브 시스템의 설계를 위한 멀티 도메인 시뮬레이션 소프트웨어입니다. 빠르고 정확한 전기 시스템 동작을 시뮬레이션 하며, 전기, 자기, 기계, 유압, 열 및 기타 멀티 도메인 라이브러리를 통한 도식적인 접근 방식으로 시스템 연계 해석 환경을 지원합니다. 또한, Simplorer는 엔지니어들이 쉽게 아날로그, 디지털의 멀티 혼합 신호 해석을 위해 VHDL-AMS 모델링 언어를 지원하며 이외에도 Circuit, Block Diagram, State Machine, SML (Simplorer 표준 언어), C/C++, Modelica와 같은 여러 모델링 방식을 지원합니다. 주 응용분야는 Power Electronics, Electric Motor and Drives, Automotive Systems, Industrial Automation, EV/HEV 등이 있습니다. Simplorer 기초 교육은 AC해석, Sub-Circuit, Optimetric, block diagram, State machine, VHDL-AMS/Spice Language, Switching Device extracting, Maxwell(전자기장 해석 툴) Coupling해석 등의 기능을 활용해 모터 드라이브, 전력변환기, 정류기, 필터해석, 열해석 등을 실습합니다.


  • 전자기 회로를 이용한 시스템 구현에 관심있는 분.

Learning Outcome

Following completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand GUI and the basic behavior of simple components
  • Build up circuits setting the needed quantities for successful simulation
  • Post process results
  • Create control logic (state diagrams) and how to control devices
  • Build new components using VHDL-AMS language and increase the component libraries

 Available Dates

Learning Options

Training materials for this course are available with an Ansys Learning Hub Subscription. If there is no active public schedule available, private training can be arranged. Please contact us.


This is a 1-day classroom course covering both lectures and workshops. For virtual training, this course is covered over 2 x 2-hour sessions, lectures only.

    Module 01: Basics

    • Simplorer Introduction
    • Nodes (conservative and non-conservative) and components
    • Transient analysis
    • Parametric Analysis
    • Post-processing 1
    • Workshop 1.1 – DC/DC Switching Circuit + Parametric Analysis

    Module 02: Specific Usage

    • Naming conventions and Syntax
    • Dedicated Blocks
    • State Machines
    • Workshop 2.1 – DCMP Motor Control
    • Workshop 2.2 – Single phase inverter with Hysteresis (Bang-Bang) Control

    Module 03: Sub-circuits and Transfer Functions

    • Subcircuits
    • Ports
    • Transfer function Blocks (SML and VHDL)
    • Post-Processing 2
    • Workshop 3.1 – Transfer Functions and feedback control
    • Workshop 3.2 – Subcircuit

    Module 04: VHDL-AMS, Libraries, Non-Linearities

    • VHDL-AMS components
    • Libraries management
    • Semiconductor Device Characterization
    • Non linear Components
    • Workshop 4.1 – VHDL-AMS components and export to library
    • Workshop 4.2 – Non­linear resistor
    • Overview
    • Basic Usage flow
    • Specific Capabilities
    • Basic DC/DC converter example + Parametric analysis example
    • Basic DCMP Motor with expanded controller
    • Basic DCMP Motor using VHDL­AMS modeling
    • PWM switching technique
    • Subcircuits
    • Transfer functions and basic control