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Realizing Your Product Potential Through Pervasive Simulation and Advanced Manufacturing Processes

Global demand for resources has inevitably led to scarcity. The use of resources also generates significant levels of pollution and waste that are difficult to manage. With an ever-growing focus on sustainability, efficiency, and costsavings, the economy is changing. Consumers are demanding products that are made responsibly and optimized for energy efficiency. Many businesses are looking for ways to address these global issues using pervasive simulation and advanced manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing is undergoing transformation. Not only are production processes becoming more innovative, but new materials and technologies are being incorporated. This has led to a shift from conventional manufacturing, which was based on subtractive processes, to a new technology that uses additive processes. Ansys provides new ways of creating optimized parts through topology optimization.

Topology optimization algorithms use mathematical techniques that help engineers optimize product design, freeing up resources and allowing engineers to make design decisions earlier and more easily. Ansys provides a toolkit to generate structural optimized parts, which removes any unneeded material for maximum part efficiency and cost and energy savings, while simulation enables the printing process to print correctly on the first attempt. These solutions can help companies realize their product potential while also addressing environmental concerns and meeting their consumer needs.


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