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Full Steam Ahead: Ansys SCADE Speeds Embedded Software Development for Railway Applications

As consumers focus on more sustainable transportation modes, the railway industry has an enormous potential for growth. Simultaneously, trains are becoming more digital and more autonomous, capable of activating key functions like braking with no human intervention. Railway engineering teams face the difficult task of balancing growth and product innovation with an unswerving commitment to passenger safety. To accommodate more passengers and more trains, railway electronic systems ― and their underlying embedded software controls ― must operate flawlessly in every situation. Software development teams cannot take shortcuts in designing and verifying systems but, at the same time, they are under pressure to introduce innovations quickly and profitably. Ansys SCADE provides a solution. Its model-based process accelerates software design, verification, coding and certification, enabling these activities to be completed in a fraction of the time associated with manual methods. Find out why the world’s railway leaders are already relying on SCADE to produce embedded software that meets the highest certification standards for safety, while also supporting profitability and market leadership.  



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