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Reliable EMI/EMC Design for Automotive Industry

EMI/EMC is a key component in the design of any automotive component, subsystem or the entire vehicle at a system level. It is critical to consider EMI/EMC in the design of any component at a granular level to avoid issues late in the product development cycle, when changes would affect the product release timeline and cost. EMI/EMC compliance is required not only for meeting the standards and regulations in the region where the product is to be sold, but also to ensure that the product is electromagnetically robust when put to use by the customer. EMI/EMC failures can range from a minor functional glitch to malfunctioning of safety-critical features inside the vehicle.

Ansys provides a comprehensive solution for the robust and efficient design of PCBs, components, systems and vehicles. This enables engineers to test for real-life operating and laboratory conditions with a wide variety of degrees of freedom, including but not limited to design modifications, modifications in RF shielding/filtering, RF disturbance severity levels, etc.

Join us for this webinar to learn some basics of EMI/EMC design and Ansys solutions for simulation. Topics covered include:

  • Fundamentals – parasitics, shielding, grounding, etc.
  • EMI/EMC standards and regulations
  • Why simulation?
  • Reducing the design development cycle with respect to EMI/EMC issues using Ansys solutions


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