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Reduced Order Modeling (ROMs) for Aerospace Industry

Assessing the performance of aircraft components with systems-level models has always been a part of the aircraft design process. A systems simulation is a collection of models, simulations and algorithms that predict how all the parts in a system will work together. The fidelity of the model improves if the detailed physics governing the performance of the components can be closely represented in the system model. However, the very nature of 3D modeling is time-intensive and not practical to incorporate in a full systems-level model you need to simulate a system in real time.

Reduced Order Models (ROMs) are mathematical simplifications of 3D models that preserve the essential information needed for system simulations. Solving a ROM for a given input can be orders of magnitude faster than solving a 3D model. This makes ROMs ideal for many applications, like design of experiments (DOE), systems simulations, digital twins and runtime generations of real-time applications.

This webinar will present an overview of ROM technology available with the Ansys platform, along with some examples and a demo of the ROM workflow for CFD.


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