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Real-time Optical Simulation for Reliable and Innovative Automotive Lighting Designs

From lighting to sensors to vision, optical components are playing a crucial role in vehicle safety and comfort. Validated against CIE 171:2006, Ansys Speos is used by automotive engineers to design, validate and optimize their optical components. Attend this webinar to learn how Speos predicts the illumination and optical performance of systems, for both interior and exterior lighting, to help engineers reduce development time and costs while improving their product’s accuracy.

  • Learn how to improve automotive exterior lighting to enhance driver safety and visual comfort.
  • Understand how Speos supports advanced and high-end interior lighting component development.
  • Discover how Speos helps determine key visual aspects, analyze reflections and enhance visibility.
  • Explore how Speos highlights the driver’s head-up display (HUD) system from the driver’s viewpoint.
  • Learn how Speos assesses camera and LIDAR raw signals in an integrated environment, applies electronic post-processing and evaluates sensor layouts.

Receive expert insights on how Speos’ optical library improves the realism and accuracy of physics-based simulation modeling for autonomous driving.


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