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N7 Signoff: Expanding Simulation Coverage Using Big Data Techniques

Next-generation automotive, mobile and high-performance computing systems demand the use of 16/7nm SoCs that are bigger, faster and more complex than ever. For these SoCs, the margins are smaller, schedules are tighter and costs are higher. Faster convergence with exhaustive coverage is imperative for on-time silicon success. The growing interdepencies among various multiphysics attributes such as timing, power and thermal properties in N16/N7 designs poses significant challenges for design closure. Existing solutions are not architected to solve for such a multidimensional optimization problem.

Join us for this webinar to learn how to maximize design coverage and accelerate convergence for SoC power signoff using the latest Ansys SeaScape platform in big data systems. With unparalleled scalability across hundreds of cores using big data techniques, SeaScape helps you sign off on 1 billion+ instance designs within a few hours on commodity hardware. You will also learn how you can leverage multivariable analytics to achieve significantly better signoff confidence and drive meaningful design optimization.


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