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Improve Workflow Integration, Performance and Usability with Multirate Application Support for Embedded Software Applications

Although common in embedded software, multirate applications present challenges that must be addressed, including transferring data between functions that run at different rates and scheduling the execution of those functions. These tasks have generally been performed manually, but innovations from Ansys have now automated the process.

View this on-demand webinar and learn how new features in Ansys SCADE in our latest software release, Ansys 19, provide you with an automatic and seamless flow to capture and verify your multirate application architecture. With a dedicated integration API, you can access this information and generate OS configuration files or specific glue code. The application code generated by SCADE is portable and qualifiable/certified.

This process flow has been instantiated with the help of our partner KRONO-SAFE, who will join us for this webinar. It automates the calculation of an optimal and “correct by construction” schedule derived from the model-based software specification of a critical, multirate real-time application running on a single or multicore platform.


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