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Optimize Hybrid-Electric Propulsion Controller 

Control system engineers need to validate the system, software, and safety requirements early in the engineering process to streamline development and avoid late findings and costly rework.

Mission designers need to see how the whole system-of-systems will perform to plan and prepare the mission. The solution allows the development of an accurate and reliable digital mission model with high fidelity systems of systems simulation. The solution integrates the real-time SCADE power management software in the hybrid-electric aircraft model, supporting activities from system development to system operation.

By simulating complex scenarios within a concept of operation, engineers can analyze the system behavior in extreme operating conditions where the energy supply depends on the mission conditions. This allows designers to validate system design in a complete mission environment and to predict how the aircraft will perform during different mission profiles.

What you will learn 

  • Design with a model-based approach to the real-time power management software
  • Develop and simulate mission scenarios integrating software in the loop through a standard interface connection
  • Analyze complex hybrid power and energy storage systems behavior involving multiple connected systems and realistic mission-dependent profiles
  • Refine and validate software and safety requirements


  • Mazen El-Hout – Product Manager
  • Eli Vidana – Application Engineer


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