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MBSE Safety-critical Software for DO-178C Compliance

This session is a part of the Safety Systems and Software Showcase that took place on 3rd March 2021.

Companies developing software for avionics systems require software certification that complies with the guidelines outlined in safety standards such as DO-178C. Complying with high integrity safety standards adds significant cost to a project, especially related to verification.

Using modeling tools like Ansys SCADE Suite, Ansys SCADE Display KCG Qualified Code Generators, the Ansys SCADE lifecycle testing environment and the SCADE Suite MTC Model Coverage Tool, developers can implement a model-based approach that efficiently satisfies the requirements of DO-330 (the tools qualification document within DO-178C) to satisfy the highest levels of safety requirements.

This webinar spotlights the fundamentals of the DO-178C standard dedicated to software design and verification. You will learn how the use of formalized modeling techniques and the qualified code that is generated from these models drastically improves productivity in the development and verification of safety-critical software. You will also learn how Ansys SCADE products enable you to follow the lifecycle process required by the standard and how it can help you in your software development and verification.



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