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How to Win the Race to Electrification: The Four Pillars of Electrification

Electrification will drive future mobility and providers are pivoting to invest heavily in electric vehicles (EVs). The race is on to capture market share. Manufacturers must totally re-engineer their vehicles to satisfy driving range and battery life, safety and cost, requiring an unprecedented amount of innovation in a short time.  Only simulation enables you to accelerate EV development and win the race to market.

Join this webinar to learn how engineers design each of the four “pillars” of electrification: battery, power electronics, electric motors and electric powertrain integration. 

• Batteries need to be designed at the electrochemical level, and integrated battery pack thermal-mechanical considerations must be accounted for to ensure reliability and safety.

  • Power from the battery must be managed by power-control circuitry and then be distributed via busbars and wiring harnesses that do not radiate electrical noise. 
  • Electric machine design centers around efficiency, quiet operation and thermal reliability across a range of speed and loading conditions.
  • Finally, full system integration of the electric powertrain must be achieved with system-level analysis with the embedded controller software and the vehicle.

Through real-word industry use-cases, including examples from Lucid Motors and Porsche Formula E, discover how high-performance computing (HPC) can be leveraged to fully explore designs, how system simulation linked to 3D electromagnetic simulation can optimize the drive and machine, and how companies combine product simulation with hardware emulation to build drive systems before any prototypes have been built.

Speaker: Devin Crawford, Director Application Engineering, Ansys


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