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Functional Safety for Semiconductors

Today’s automobiles are packed with electronics. From infotainment systems to mission-critical functions like steering and braking, including autonomous driving support, a car’s safety depends on the reliability and fail-safe operation of these electronics systems. While the semiconductors that lie at the heart of these systems have not been a focus in the past, today their functional safety is coming under closer scrutiny by both the automotive industry and government regulators. A key automotive standard, ISO 26262, has been updated to consider the safe performance of all semiconductor components.

In this webinar, Optima Design Automation and Ansys will discuss how automotive systems engineers will meet this strict standard — and address functional safety concerns down to the semiconductor component level. It’s clear that they can no longer rely on manual analysis and traditional EDA tools designed for other purposes. Discover a new solution for verifying built in safety mechanisms — and ensuring that semiconductors will perform flawlessly to support consistent vehicle performance and outstanding passenger safety.


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