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Entering a New Era: Using Simulation Technology for Aircraft Electrification

Like nearly every other industry segment, the airline industry is undergoing a transformation with an increased push towards aircraft electrification. The aircraft of the future is projected to be more autonomous, connected and electric – requiring aircraft configurations and propulsion systems that are radically different than today. While a totally electric commercial aircraft may be years away, there is increasing investment by industry, government and academia into all aspects of related and enabling technologies. In many cases, lessons learned from the automotive sector are valuable in furthering this technology for aviation.

Join us for this free webinar that provides a detailed look at how cutting-edge simulation technology is radically advancing aircraft electrification. You will learn how pervasive engineering simulation aids in cost reduction and increased product reliability through digital exploration during the design and operation phases of the product development cycle. Additionally, this webinar discusses simulation technologies that will help you model and develop electric aircraft components.

  • Learn how to use cutting-edge simulation solutions to slash development costs and boost product reliability.
  • Understand how to conduct in-depth digital exploration during key product development cycle phases.
  • Discover the latest tools and techniques for modeling and creating next-generation electric aircraft components.


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