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An Efficient AUTOSAR-Compliant Multicore Solution with Ansys SCADE

AUTOSAR RTE-based multicore applications often introduce large runtime overheads. Also, testing AUTOSAR multicore applications create the need to verify most, if not all, application properties on the whole software stack (including the full AUTOSAR and driver level).

During this webinar we will present an AUTOSAR-compliant solution that utilizes the Ansys SCADE MBD and ISO 26262-qualifiable ACG to create a highly efficient RTE-agnostic multicore application based on the example of a battery management system. We will show that this solution enables verification of functional safety and highly accurate prediction of timing on target.

The BMS example is implemented using Ansys SCADE Architect (software architecture), Ansys SCADE Suite (software Implementation), Elektrobit Tresos (AUTOSAR Stack) and an IFX AURIX TC397 (Infineon Multicore Platform)..

Speakers: Tim Puls, Lead Application Engineer, Ansys & Michael Reiß, SW Architect, Elektrobit 


What Attendees Will Learn 

Attendees will learn how using the unique properties of the Ansys SCADE automotive solutions will enable them to create, validate and verify better and faster automotive multicore applications based on modern multicore embedded HW and Elektrobit Tresos AUTOSAR platform solutions.


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