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Tackling Component Swapping Reliability Concerns in Supply Chain Environments

Learn from ConnexITy’s partners on how Digital Twin enables nuclear power plant turbogenerators to predict equipment behaviors in this upcoming webinar. Speakers from the following companies include Atos, Assystem, EDF-SA, Siemens Energy, and Ansys.

About this Webinar

What if you could view the status of your equipment during operation, predict, and anticipate its failures to optimize maintenance and operation?

This ongoing initiative of the ConnexITy project is to create a Digital Twin of nuclear power plant turbo-generators to provide safer, lower-cost maintenance and reduce carbon footprint.

EDF, Atos, Assystem, Siemens Energy, and Ansys offer a new user experience for maintenance and operation within four steps:

  1. MONITOR: Detect drift concerning normal asset behavior​
  2. DENTIFY: Predict the root cause of the drift
  3. CONFIRM: Verify predicted failure mode reflects actual abnormal asset behavior
  4. ADVICE: Provide advice for operation and maintenance


  • Lucas Boucinha, Senior Product Specialist – Ansys
  • Jean-Yves ROGER, Research Engineer - EDF SA
  • Mickaël Lelimousin, Data Scientist - Atos
  • Frédéric Praca, Software Architect – Assystem
  • Louis-Charles Trousse, Senior Sales Manager, Siemens-Energy


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