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Comprehensive Conductive EMI Analysis of Electric Vehicle Drivetrains

Wide bandgap devices have been introduced to electric vehicle (EV) drivetrain for their superiority in loss reduction. However, largely increased switching frequency also introduces major electromagnetic interference (EMI) challenges. Under certain circumstances, motor resolver EMI issues can result in total power loss for prototype EVs.

This webinar spotlights Ansys’ differentiated modeling capabilities for comprehensive electric drivetrains, enabling engineers to virtually design system architectures, evaluate drivetrain performance and assess EMI risks and root causes. This analysis workflow has been recognized as a critical puzzle piece for developing next-generation electric drivetrains.

  • Learn how Ansys tools help virtually design system architecture.
  • Explore how Ansys simulation solutions help evaluate drivetrain performance.
  • Understand how Ansys’ modeling capabilities help you assess EMI risks and root causes.


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