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Battery Pack Design: From Cell Selection to Pack Materials

Battery selection and battery pack design to meet performance targets have become critical factors for engineers across multiple sectors. From designing hand-held power tools to next-generation electric vehicles, the choice and assembly of multi-cell battery packs and modules is a key factor in creating the best products.

But how do you decide on the best cell/pack combination when there are millions of possible configurations? How do you match the battery module design to the product’s power and energy requirements? How do you select non-cell materials and ensure the entire module integrates successfully into your design?

The new Battery Designer tool in the latest Ansys Granta Selector product, enables product designers and battery engineers to select cells from a standard database, carry out early-stage design and performance assessment on multi-cell battery modules and packs, and perform equivalent comparisons between different module designs and configurations.

Using a case study of an electric bicycle, we show the power of the Battery Designer tool and the new battery database for rapidly exploring battery module design space, balancing power and energy requirements and then narrowing down millions of module design combinations into a single strong candidate in only a few minutes. At the same time, Granta Selector’s intelligent material selection capabilities are applied to meet other engineering requirements for casing and insulation materials.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Discover the industry drivers behind the Innovate UK ‘MAT2BAT’ project and the development of the Battery Designer Tool and available battery data.
  • Understand how to rapidly carry out early-stage battery module design and equivalent comparison of different configurations using a worked case study,
  • See how to select appropriate materials to meet engineering requirements.

Speakers: Dr. Roger Barnett (Ansys); Dr. Billy Wu (Imperial College, London)


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