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Ansys 2021 R2: Ansys Discovery Update

Ansys 2021 R2 continues to expand simulation capabilities and ease of use for every engineer to unlock innovation and increase productivity throughout the product development process. In addition, every analyst can now benefit from Ansys Discovery’s geometry modeling workflows, groundbreaking Live physics, and innovative user interface. The addition of Ansys associative CAD interfaces, history tracking, and connection to Workbench make Discovery an ideal complement to all other third-party tools and workflows across the Ansys portfolio. 

Speaker: Justin Hendrickson, Director Product Management & Stephen Scampoli, Principal Product Manager, Ansys


What Attendees Will Learn

  • Explore more engineering use cases: - Idealized sliding contact for Live physics and porous media for high-fidelity physics, enabling fast, simplified simulation of jointed assemblies and filtered flows.
  • Ansys Workbench connectivity: Empowering analysts to perform geometry preparation for simulation in Discovery, including materials selections and upfront simulation, with seamless transfer to Ansys Mechanical and Ansys Fluent.
  • Connected geometry workflow: Associative CAD interfaces, history tracking and constraint-based sketching automates Discovery’s modeling operations and provides a seamless workflow from CAD to any other Workbench connected app.
  • Workflow innovation: Saved scenes, physics condition suppression and connections to Ansys Granta Selector and Ansys MI accelerate and automate the simulation workflow from setup through report generation.


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