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Simulation Tools for Product Designers

The number and variety of materials available today are increasing at a rate faster than at any previous time. The next generation of engineers – the ones we are educating now – will need to use materials of all sorts (conventional as well as advanced) in ways that meet more demanding technical  environmental  economic and aesthetic requirements.</p>  <p>Learn how Ansy Granta EduPack provides engineering students with the materials knowledge they need to be successful in today's competitive environment. Granta EduPack is a complete set of resources  with the central software supported by supplementary databases  textbooks  lectures  projects and exercises. By proceeeding through the three levels of Granta EduPack  students gain the knowledge and confidence to select materials for mechanical  thermomechanical and electromechanical designs  and develop an understanding of processes for forming  joining and surface treating the materials. The application of such materials information technology is becoming increasingly important in industry as materials and manufacturing organizations seek to optimize their materials strategies in order  for example  to control costs in global markets  to incorporate eco-design principles in response to market demand and increased environmental regulation  and to limit the use of restricted substances.


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