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Case Study

Team Bath Racing uses Ansys Software to provide Accurate FEA and CFD Data and Analytics

"Team Bath Racing uses Ansys software to provide design validation and verification for structural components, optimization of components for mass and strength, simulation of fluid flow over individual components and full car models. Without Ansys software, significantly more time and resources would be needed to conduct physical testing, increasing costs and lead times alike. Ansys solutions empowered us to create a new, winning design capable of performing at the highest level. Specifically, our team was able to increase the rear wing and side wing’s downforce by 11% with the use of Ansys tools."

— Samir Patel, Business manager / Team Bath Racing


Team Bath Racing (TBR) is the University of Bath’s internal combustion Formula Student team. The team is run by the students themselves with the same goal each year: design and build a brand-new Formula Student car from scratch. TBR use engineering simulation to reduce design time and the need for costly prototyping and physical testing.


Designing and building a brand-new Formula Student car from scratch each year means the team has limited time and funding. As design time is limited, it is crucial that any simulation software must be easy to use and capable of producing accurate results no matter the size of the component or model.

Engineering Solution

Ansys software packages are used for FEA and CFD purposes, the latter being crucial to the design of the car’s aerodynamics package. Simulation is a key part of TBR’s design process, aiding designers with quicker and more accurate modeling. Simulation also allows the team to reduce costs by removing the need for costly prototyping and wind tunnel usage. The wide range of features offered by Ansys means designers can develop and test ideas effectively and reliably.


Simulation allows TBR to deliver a more reliable and optimized car each year. FEA ensures components comply with the Formula Student rules and can withstand the conditions of a Formula Student competition, while CFD produces year-over-year improvements to the aerodynamics package. Simulation allows new ideas to be trialed effectively and without cost. For example, new chassis winglets that redirect flow back towards the ground increasing the rear and side wing downforce by 11%.

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