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Case Study

Ansys Educates and Trains a Medical Device Manufacturing Team on Risks of Using Lithium-ion Batteries


A medical device manufacturer was using a traditional battery chemistry for decades with a loyal customer base. The device manufacturer was considering moving to lithium-ion batteries in order to provide products with higher functionality. However, the company was concerned about the risks of using lithium-ion batteries in products worn on the human body. The company reached out to the Ansys-DfR team to help educate their executive and engineering teams on the risks of using lithium-ion batteries and on qualifying suppliers to effectively prevent thermal events.


Ansys RES battery experts devised a two-prong training program to educate the company’s executives on the potential risks, while engineers were taught how to implement processes to mitigate these risks. The training for the executive team covered risk mitigation and management through the cradle-to-grave life cycle of the battery. The training for the engineers included a deep dive into supplier audits, incoming quality inspection and benchmarking cell performance.


As a result of this in-depth training, this medical device company implemented a comprehensive battery supplier assessment process, including purchasing equipment for incoming quality inspection. They conducted product design to validate the safety and reliability of their product.

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