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Safe and Sustainable Aviation

Safety and sustainability are the main focus of today’s aviation industry. Safety is mainly driven by consumer concerns. Sustainability is a socioeconomic issue. Reduced fuel expenditure lowers industry costs and carbon footprints. Suppliers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) strive to adopt new initiatives to keep pace with these emerging trends.

This growing emphasis on safety and sustainability leads to mounting system complexity where organizations struggle to prioritize these tenets under the weight of new features, novel business models, and ambitious operational requirements. 

Lifecycle Insights’ 2020 Engineering Executives Strategic Agenda for Aviation Study uncovered a range of valuable insights into these challenges. This report shares the study’s findings, revealing how engineering executives respond to the mounting safety and sustainability demands on today’s aviation industry. Some 85% of organizations are pursuing a digital transformation initiative, while 79% of respondents said simulation has a moderate-to-high impact on their digital transformation efforts.

The research shows that, while digital transformation is a relatively new phenomenon within the aviation industry, savvy organizations are responding to it rapidly. Digital transformation efforts push organizations ahead of their competitors by enabling rapid progress in the areas of safety and sustainability. This is true particularly in the simulation field. 

Manufacturers are building a strong safety and sustainability foundation now to keep pace with the changing aviation industry. This report covers the following:

  • Change drivers and associated industrial trends, including safety and sustainability, that impact the aviation industry. The report highlights how rising system complexity transforms the industry’s development lifecycle.
  • How aviation suppliers and OEMs leverage digital transformation initiatives to meet these industry demands, and the impact of simulation and analysis on their efforts.
  • How aviation suppliers and OEMs leverage simulation and analysis solutions across the product development lifecycle, revealing where investments are being made across different engineering disciplines. This includes emerging areas such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, systems engineering, and software engineering.

The aviation industry is changing fast, and the study reveals executives’ strategic actions and tactics to future-proof their organizations. This report provides aviation executives with an informative and actionable plan to map out the future of their companies.



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