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Ansys RedHawk-SC Datasheet

Ansys RedHawk-SC™ is the industry’s trusted gold-standard voltage drop and reliability multiphysics signoff solution for digital designs, certified for all advanced foundry nodes. It provides a comprehensive set of analytics to identify power integrity and reliability weaknesses, along with the tools needed to enable quick fixes of issues for first-time silicon success. Advanced capabilities include SigmaDVD for high local switching-noise coverage and reduced order modeling for efficient full-chip analysis to accelerate design convergence. What-if incremental analysis and tight integration with ECO and static timing analysis tools maximize signoff productivity. 

Redhawk-SC’s cloud-optimized architecture gives it the speed and capacity to handle full-chip analysis for the world’s largest designs. RedHawk-SC is built on Ansys SeaScape™, the world’s first custom-designed big data architecture for electronic system design and simulation. SeaScape provides per-core scalability, flexible design data access, instantaneous design bring-up, MapReduce-enabled analytics and many other revolutionary capabilities.

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