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Ansys Viewer

Ansys Viewer enables you to visualize, interpret and compare Ansys simulation results without the original simulation software. It helps improve collaboration with colleagues and customers, and provides a way to quickly relay simulation intent and results to your extended design team. Any stakeholder can use the viewer to open Ansys Viewer (.avz) files that have been exported from Ansys CFX-Pre, CFD-Post, TurboGrid and Ansys Mechanical.

The viewer's simple yet powerful features make it easy to review, share and analyze design information, pinpoint issues, suggest improvements, get approvals and make optimal design decisions. Previous experience with Ansys simulation software is not required. With Ansys Viewer you can:

  • Zoom, pan and rotate in 3D
  • Create cross-sections
  • Explode a multi-part model
  • Highlight, show and hide individual parts
  • Annotate in 2D and 3D
  • Save and reload views
  • Play a sequence of images


Once downloaded, extract the contents of the zip file to a temporary directory, run the self-installing setup.exe file and follow the instructions. Select the option to Install Ansys Products and skip the License Server configuration step by selecting the Check box to finish the installation.

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