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Ansys Additive Prep
Automatically Generate Complex 3D Printing Support Structures

Intuitive and easy to use, Ansys Additive Prep is a tool suitable for all metal additive manufacturing users, no matter their experience level.

3D Printing Part Orientation Optimization

Using Ansys Additive Prep, you can find the right orientation using the intuitive heatmaps, create build volumes, orient parts, produce different support regions, modify or specify build parameters and more. A new Build Processor tool enables you to export a build file directly to a 3D machine, as well as control scaling, slicing, volume, laser power and other machine parameters.

  • Check icon outline
    Heat Maps to Guide Orientation
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    2D Slice Viewer
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    Various Support Types and Regions
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    Machine Parameter Control

Quick Specs

Optimizing part orientation, Ansys Additive Prep auto-detects support regions and individually configures them to create various 3D printing support types. Within seconds, Ansys Additive Prep can generate a complex set of support geometries, enabling you to view the progression of laser scan vectors across any slice.

  • View Heatmaps and Create Build Volumes
  • Automatic Orientation
  • Create Support Regions
  • Generate Supports
  • Utilize the Slice Viewer
  • Modify Build Parameters
  • Export Geometries for Simulation
  • Estimate Costs
  • Export Build Files to AM Equipment

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