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VCollab (Visual Collaboration Technologies Inc.)

VCollab solutions provide smart transformation of Simulation models and results into smart & useful Simulation information that can used for timely decision making, sharing and archiving. The simulation information can be stored and shared easily in variety of formats like images, videos, PPT, CAX, 3D PDF, JT etc. Using VCollab solutions, Ansys users can reduce ( upto 99% ) the required Ansys, Ansys FLUENT, Ansys CFX, LS DYNA models and results files into a highly compact format for easier analysis reviews, faster decision making and easily share simulation information with global teams or share with designers/managers/suppliers. VCollab solutions also allow analysts to embed the Simulation models and results into a Power Point slide for interactive 3D presentations/design reviews or embed the Ansys results into a Web browser or Ansys EKM for easier access and sharing. VCollab also generates meta data and light weight 3D models from many CAD & CAE files for integration with Ansys EKM. VCollab offers translators to convert massive results files from Ansys, Ansys FLUENT, Ansys CFX, Star-CCM+, OpenFOAM, MSC.NASTRAN, ABAQUS, LS DYNA etc and also from many popular CAD formats into smart simulation information and integrates with Ansys EKM to improve the collaboration among CAE teams.

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