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The growth in SATCOM, 5G, and aerospace and defence industries continues to drive the demand for 5G/6G wireless communication systems. RF filters are critical components in these systems and the high frequency requirements to design them can introduce new challenges. Smaller form factors, manufacturability concerns and more sensitive design specifications are the main factors that can severely impact R&D cycle time.

SynMatrix is an all-in-one platform for RF filter design, diagnostics and manufacturing. Using AI and automation workflows integrated with Ansys HFSS, RF engineers and technicians can significantly accelerate the R&D cycle time. SynMatrix is also a manufacturing-aided platform for filter tuning operations. Technicians and manufacturers can use the workflow system to help reduce the dependency on tuning labour specialization, which can help manufacturers rapidly scale-up unit cycle time with junior tuners. 

As an Ansys HFSS user, there are a number of ways they can benefit by using SynMatrix: 1) Get access to a comprehensive suite of filter design tools to help engineer a wide variety of RF filters 2) Accelerate the filter design process using easy-to-use GUI interfaces and automation workflows integrated with Ansys HFSS  3) Utilize the intelligent AI optimization suite, a powerful portfolio of capabilities to help dramatically reduce optimization time 4) Achieve highly accurate RF performance simulation results (vs. actual samples) 5) Leverage a workflow that also supports high frequency mm-Wave applications, which can introduce additional design sensitivities.

Overall, SynMatrix uses AI and automated workflows to help significantly increase design throughput , avoid costly prototyping build cycles, and with the aid of more advanced tools,  get to market faster. Synmatrix supports a strong, integrated experience with HFSS using automation and seamless workflow integration that helps users achieve their design goals. By offering the SynMatrix tool as part of the Electronics portfolio, Ansys further broadens and deepens its solutions offering for all RF customers.

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