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SynMatrix is a cloud-based component design platform for RF engineers and technicians that can help accelerate the microwave component design and manufacturing process. As an Ansys HFSS user, there are a number of ways they can benefit by using SynMatrix: 1) Significantly reduce the component design cycle time required to produce prototypes and production-ready units 2) Get access to an AI based intelligent computer-aided tuning design platform to accelerate the design process 3) Allows users to seamlessly integrate their design parameters and results from both the HFSS and SynMatrix intelligent tuning platform 4) Utilize the dispersive simulator to predict the RF performance, one of the only tools in the marketplace to offer it in the design process 5) Utilize a cloud-based design platform, giving users the flexibility and convenience of a cloud-based user.

The typical RF/Microwave design process is very time-consuming and expensive. Traditionally the process begins with very experienced designers that manage an extremely finicky product development cycle; it requires experience, patience, trial and error, endless tweaks, and a single cycle ends by building initial physical samples to measure and verify the proposed design’s RF performance. The process cycle repeats after the verification takes place, and designers find themselves in an iterative process; for inexperienced designers, more sample build cycles are required before an optimized design is achieved, elongating the R&D cycle time and increasing the engineering costs.

With SynMatrix, designers can import their Ansys HFSS design parameters directly and automatically into SynMatrix. Once the data is imported, Ansys HFSS users can utilize the user-friendly platform to auto-tune and edit the parameters necessary to meet the desired RF design output. The Ansys HFSS user will be empowered with a simplified design workflow and toolset that can help estimate and fine-tune the process long before a physical sample needs to be built. The complete feature set offered by SynMatrix is vast and comprehensive. The design platform includes arbitrary coupling matrix synthesis, performance optimization, and topology analysis; from a simulation point of view, users will enjoy the computer-aided tuning and diagnosis features, an advanced coupling matrix extraction feature. From the performance optimization tuning perspective, users will benefit from an AI-optimized system, advanced space mapping features, and tuning error and progress monitor tools. A complete line of design structures are also available, including cavity, waveguide, coaxial, LTCC chip, ceramic and microstrips.

Overall, there is nothing presently in the market that quite matches SynMatrix’s comprehensive component design platform. Its feature set goes beyond a basic filter synthesis tool that illustrates ideal behaviour; with the Ansys HFSS integration, the platform offers an integrated platform that can estimate the real RF performance relatively accurately, and offers user tools to help tweak and tune the outputs given the design requirements. CST, an Ansys HFSS competitor, presently offers their users with some of these advanced component design functions but lacks some of the more advanced features such as thermal shift analysis, Monte-Carlo analysis, and AI-cored optimization to name a few. With SynMatrix, Ansys users will immediately eliminate this feature gap in the marketplace, and leapfrog current incapabilities with SynMatrix.

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