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SmartUQ’s software provides advanced engineering analytics and uncertainty quantification solutions for simulation, testing, and complex systems. Using cutting edge statistics and probabilistic methods, our software dramatically accelerates analysis cycles by reducing design iterations, improves design robustness, and maximizes insight of complex systems by quantifying uncertainties.

Our industry-leading software features an innovative suite of analytics and uncertainty quantification, including modern and unique design of experiments, accurate and flexible emulations, statistical calibration, design space exploration, sensitivity analysis, optimization, uncertainty propagation and inverse analysis. With our world-class expertise in analytics and data science, we create and apply cutting edge technologies to meet our clients’ needs where no existing solution can.

SmartUQ pushes the boundaries of Engineering Analytics and Uncertainty Quantification.

Engineering Analytics

  • Bring data science and engineering together
  • Meet requirements with fewer design points and tests
  • Perform intelligent sampling of Big Data
  • Develop fast, accurate predictive models
  • Uncertainty Quantification
  • Go beyond deterministic approaches:
  • Decrease design cycle time by finding problems early
  • Calibrate and validate models with limited physical data
  • Increase reliability and robustness Complex System Predictive Modeling
  • Make seemingly impossible problems solvable:
  • Reduce computational burden with advanced Design of Experiments (DOEs)
  • Distinguish significant results from noisy data
  • Reduce problem dimensionality
  • Relieve process bottlenecks with predictive analytics


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