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SDC Verifier enables code checking in Ansys. With the SDC Verifier software, a user is able to automatically verify the Ansys model according to different industry standard without the need of creating any additional models or spreadsheets. At the same time, it helps to generate all the required documentation in extensive calculation reports.

SDC Verifier speeds up the design phase by storing the full calculation process. A recalculation after a modification requires just a single click. All calculation settings and load combinations, model recognition, verification according to design standards and reporting are reapplied to the model and FEM results. Verification and calculation reports are generated in an automated procedure.

With the unique recognition tools structural items as beam members, plates, welds, stiffeners, panels and joints can be directly verified according to their specific requirements.

SDC Verifier includes predefined standards on fatigue, stiffener and plate buckling, beam member checks, joint checks and weld already. The following standards( are implemented:

  • ABS 2004: Guide for buckling and ultimate strength assessment for offshore structures;
  • ABS 2014: Rules for building and classing (floating production installations);
  • AISC ASD 9th edition (July 1989);
  • AISC 360-10, 14th edition (2010);
  • API RP 2A LRFD, 1st edition (1993);
  • API RP 2A WSD 21st edition (2007);
  • DIN 15018 (1984);
  • DNV OS C101 LRFD (April 2011)
  • DNV OS C201 WSD (April 2011)
  • DNV Classification Notes NO. 30.1 (Buckling Strength Analysis, July 1995);
  • DNV RP C201: Buckling Strength of Plated Structures (Recommended Practice, October 2010);
  • FEM 1.001, 3rd edition (1998);
  • Eurocode3, Part 1-9: Fatigue (2006);
  • Eurocode3, Part 1-1: Member checks (2005);
  • Eurocode3, Part 1-8: Weld Strength;
  • ISO 19902, 1th edition (2007);
  • Norsok N004, Rev. 3 (2013);

With custom checks you can modify the formula of a standard and save it as your own.

SDC Verifier allows the process of report generation to be done automatically, reducing time expenses and maximally automate the process. It is possible to preview and print the report in Report Designer or Export to Microsoft Word in order to add extra information to calculation reports such as comments, images, conclusions if necessary.

SDC Verifier offers the opportunity to stay within the Ansys environment for a verification according to rules and regulations as well. With the integration of SDC Verifier in Ansys, customers can use Ansys as their platform for all the (structural) simulations.

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