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RBF Morph is a pioneer of numerical mesh-morphing techniques and solutions to efficiently handle shape optimization studies for the most challenging industrial applications. The company's mission is the development and broad application of simulation technology to synthesize and optimize designs, processes and decisions. The RBF Morph product line includes Ansys RBF Morph Structures and Ansys RBF Morph Fluids, which are fully integrated with Ansys Mechanical and Ansys CFD, respectively. This integration allows users to optimize structural and fluid dynamic performance with Ansys optiSLang and generate digital twins with parametric shapes using Ansys Twin Builder. RBF Morph training materials are available at the Ansys Training Center with the course 'Ansys RBF Morph Structures Getting Started'.
RBF Morph has been an Ansys Technology Partner since 2009. 

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RBF Morph Brochure


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