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PCA provides 1D design tools within Workbench for compressors, fans, pumps and turbines, free of charge to users of BladeGen or BladeEditor. These tools provide the user with a rational basis on which to size components, optimising within constraints, and to estimate levels of efficiency that should be achievable on competently executing a detailed design. The empiricism within these codes is derived from many years of practical experience at PCA in carrying out industry leading designs for a wide range of OEMs.

In addition, PCA's 2D throughflow solver for the rapid analysis of turbomachinery components can be licensed within Workbench. It is well-integrated within the TurboTools options and provides immediate feedback during the design process ahead of downstream investment in 3D CFD. Once a sound 1D design has been established, 2D throughflow is generally accepted as the reference point from which machines are designed in most industrial applications.

Finally, PCA can offer users support in the component design process on a consultancy basis for both aerodynamic and mechanical aspects using Ansys products.

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