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The Ansys environment for Simcenter™ 3D enables engineers to build finite element models, define solution parameters and view the solution results for the Ansys solver. The environment immerses engineers with familiar Ansys language for element definitions, loads and boundary conditions, solution parameters and other common Ansys nomenclature. In addition to model definition capabilities, the Ansys environment provides bi-directional import/export capabilities that enable you to import current or legacy Ansys data files and results, as well as export run-ready Ansys input data files.

The power of Simcenter 3D pre- and post-processing is an ideal partner for creating Ansys models and solutions. Simcenter 3D simplifies the modeling process by integrating high-end analyst modeling tools with world-class geometry capabilities that assist you with developing analysis models faster than with traditional CAE pre-processors. Adding the Ansys environment to Simcenter 3D enables you to build Ansys run-ready input.

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