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Jama Software brings innovative analytics, solutions and insights to companies creating complex products and mission-critical software systems. With expanded product and service capabilities, the Jama Product Development Platform empowers large enterprises to accelerate development time, mitigate risk, slash complexity and verify regulatory compliance.

Representing the forefront of modern development, its rapidly growing customer base of more than 600 organizations — including SpaceX, NASA, Thales and Caterpillar — use Jama Software to streamline processes and bring complex products to market. Through Predictive Product Development, Jama equips its customers to make the most of their revenue potential and achieve ongoing competitive advantages.

Jama Software Platform Description

The Jama Product Development Platform is an integrated solution for guiding the strategic and operational aspects of complex product development. It supports the entire product development lifecycle from idea to launch. It gives product leaders the ability to view patterns of risk and opportunity across projects, teams and time. And it integrates with the workflows and technologies teams know and enjoy best.

Jama ConnectTM

Transform your development process, mitigate risk, improve efficiency and maintain alignment while creating complex products with Jama Connect.

  • Captures requirements with real-time decisions and feedback, expediting review and approval processes.
  • Acts as your single source of truth for product definition, verification and validation.
  • Informs relevant stakeholders when change occurs via end-to-end traceability.
  • Empowers teams to spend more time on product development and less time managing processes and documentation.
  • Gives teams the ability to benchmark and monitor performance over time to optimize the product development process.

Jama AnalyzeTM

Gain full visibility and make better product development decisions with Jama Analyze.

  • Build on the development data your teams already generate within applications such as Jama Connect™, Jira Software, GitHub and more, to get a far-reaching view into performance across teams.
  • Gather and evaluate information across your product development teams to reveal roadblocks and inform action.
  • Build dashboards to compare performance across teams or products.
  • Leverage best practices for reporting on your product development lifecycle with suggested formulas and templated metrics.
  • Understand important trends that until now have been buried in spreadsheets, low-level reports or simply missed.

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