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MpCCI - Vendor Neutral Cosimulation Interface

The MpCCI interface software is a vendor neutral solution for co-simulation and file-based data transfer. MpCCI supports a growing number of commercial as well as research simulation tools in different engineering disciplines. The MpCCI software is distributed by scapos AG

The Multiphysics Business Area conducts research, software development and application modelling on different levels:

  • further enhancements of MpCCI software and algorithms
  • development of domain specific multiphysics solutions
  • industrial engineering services and advanced R&D projects to investigate new and challenging multiphysics domains


Structural Analysis

  • Abaqus
  • Ansys Mechanical
  • - MSC.Nastran
  • - MSC.Marc

Fluid Dynamics

  • Ansys ICEPAK
  • Ansys Fluent
  • FINE/Open
  • FINE/Turbo
  • OpenFOAM


  • RadTherm / TaiTherm

System Modelling

  • Flowmaster
  • MSC.Adams
  • FMI for co-simulation (under development)


  • Ansys Emag
  • FLUX
  • JMAG

Programming Interface

  • Fully documented programming interface (C/C++, F77) to adapt further inhouse or research codes to MpCCI CouplingEnvironment.

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