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Guangzhou Yangpu Intelligent System Technology Co., Ltd. (Sunpro)

Sunpro Technology Inc.(Hereinafter “Sunpro”)is focusing  on providing total software solutions for smart product development and smart manufacturing since it was found in 2003. 

According to customer’s specific requirements, referring to industry best practice, leveraging consulting team’s expertise and knowledge, Sunpro is helping manufacturing customers to implement Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution and multi-physics simulation (CAE) platform by partnership with industry leading software vendors as  PTC and ANSYS. 

Meanwhile Sunpro is developing Smart series software as digital factory application. With Smart.MES as core application, Smart.LINX as IIOT platform, Sunpro is helping manufacturing companies to realize digitalization of their manufacturing process, shopfloor management and working operations.

Insisting on  corporate value of “being honest and trustworthy”, “striving perfection”, “encouraging collaboration” and “achieving win-win”, Sunpro has been serving thousand customers such as Wanbao group, TCL group, GAC, Vanward, Desay SV Automotive, Sanyou Corporation, Weli Medical, Siemens transformer, Fenghua High-Tech and so on. Sunpro is becoming a more and more influential digital solution provider in south China.

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