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Spectropol is a company with an international reach, operating for nearly 20 years on the market of strategic technologies, specializing in classic engineering related to light, movement and materials in the field of integration, delivery and offering its own modern solutions for science and industry.

The basic pillars of the company's activity include the development and implementation of computer simulation solutions based on numerical and mathematical modeling for applications in photonics and other related engineering fields where simulation can replace solving difficult analytical problems, for which carrying out would require tedious and costly works.

As part of this specialization, SPECTROPOL offers a comprehensive solution for the creation of new and improved optoelectronic systems consisting in designing, simulating work, checking the correctness of operation along with making a physical prototype with the option of mass production. The basic tool that we have used for over 10 years is specialized software from Lumerical (now ANSYS LUMERICAL), which allows you to design the latest optoelectronic systems and simulate their operation. In terms of making a prototype, checking the correctness of operation and mass production, we cooperate with selected highly specialized manufacturers ensuring work compatibility, speed of execution, relatively low costs and high quality.

SPECTROPOL employees combine the knowledge gained thanks to many years of work on the market with comprehensive engineering education, which through a system of training and lectures, they pass on to our clients, helping in the creation and implementation of appropriate solutions.

As part of the constant development of our business, we develop and implement our own solutions in the field of design and simulation, which we provide free of charge as part of cooperation with customers based on the exchange of experiences or proposing our recommendations.

We invite you to cooperation.

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